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Bill Henderson





The training went well. The kiosk is all set. Background included. I showed off all the new stuff they can do now that they have a kiosk. I also answered a few other questions. They have a good grasp of the program in general. They do have a very slow wifi connection. This was causing up to a 15 second delay from the time a card was scanned to the time the kiosk reacted. This is definitely going to be an issue. I suggested they have their IT hard wire or try to boost the signal some how. They do share internet with all the town offices and the school. Other than that they did have a lot a good things to say about MSC and they were really happy with how easy the addition of a kiosk was. They were expecting things to be more complex and were pleasantly surprised. I told them all about the webinars available and they said they will keep that in mind if they feel the need.