VoiceConnect: The Basics

There are a couple of things that need to be done to get a Voice Connect call out. You want to record your message and then gather the group of members you want to receive that message. You can send a call to members in an existing group, an event roster, and statistics results.  Click here for the video version.


The VoiceConnect section is located under People -> VoiceConnect


This will open up a new window and show your Broadcasts as well as Recordings.


In the Broadcast section you can see the calls you have scheduled as well as the status of those calls.


In the Recording section, you can see a list of pre-recorded messages, as well as create new recordings to send out.


Creating a New Recording

To create a new recording. Open up VoiceConnect and head over to My Recordings. From here, you can enter in a Recording Name and select Get Recording Passcode.


This will open up a new window and provide you with a Phone Number and Passcode. Simply call the number, and type in your Passcode. Follow the instructions for recording your message, and you’re all set!


Note: Some centers will repeat their messages twice, just incase VoiceConnect cuts off the first or last half of the recording. This can happen with certain Voicemail/Answering Machines, as VoiceConnect will try it’s best to decide when someone has picked up the phone or an answering machine is listening.

Generating A Call (Step One)

To send out a VoiceConnect Call, you will need to tell VoiceConnect a list of People that you want to call. You can do this by using a specific Group, Event Roster or even Statistics. If you are looking to send a call to all of the People at your center, the best way to do this is by using a Membership group (if you have one) or sending a call via Statistics (3rd option down).


To send a call to a Group of People:

  • Go to People -> Groups.

  • Select the Group Name you wish to call.

  • Select the Create Call icon.


To send a call to an Event Roster:

  • Go to Events -> and select the Event Icon you wish to search for.

  • Find the Date of the Event you wish to call.

  • Select the Create Call icon.


To send a call a call via Statistics:

(For this example, we’ll use People Statistics to send out a call to all of the People in our center)

  • Go to Statistics and select People Statistics.

  • Select Filters -> Clear Filters.

  • Select Filters and apply the following:

    • Age: >= 0

    • People: Include People with no activity in the date range

  • Select Generate Statistics. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select View All People.

  • Once the list of People loads, select the Create Call Icon.


Generating A Call (Step Two)

Once you select Create Call from the step above, a VoiceConnect Window should open. This will give you a list of People/Phone Numbers. From here, select Send Message to Seniors.


This will open the main VoiceConnect page from earlier, and you should see a newly created call at the top of the Broadcast list.


Scheduling/Sending Out A Call

So we’ve created a Recording. We’ve generated a list of People to send it to. Lastly we need to Send the call out, or tell the system when to send out the call.


By now you should be on the VoiceConnect page. From here, find the Recording you wish to send and click on Edit.


From here, select a Recording Message and then select Sample Call, Schedule Call, or Send Now to send out your call.


Note: You can enter in a Description if you would like, however this is not needed.


Back on the Broadcasts page, you should see your call as Pending. This is normal, as the system is Queueing your calls. Depending on the current call volume of other centers sending out messages, it may take up to 10 minutes for your calls to start going through.


However, you can stay on this page and use the F5 key to refresh the page. Once your calls are in progress, you can select Details to see the current progress, as well as information about the call(s) being sent out.

Watch an Example Below