Mass Data Update

If you would like us to make a mass update of your data you will need to prepare a data excel sheet and send it to us. Please follow the steps below. If you have any questions at all please contact the support team.

Go to the Statistics Tab
Click Person Statistics
update 01.png
Next you will chose the columns you will want to update
Click Columns 
Select the ID and either the Full Name column or the First Name and Last Name Columns
Next select any other columns you will want to make updates to then click Ok
update 02.png
Next you will choose your filters
If you want to include everyone in your database you must select the "Include people with no activity in the date range" filter. If you only want to include people that have been active within your date range you would leave that filter un-checked. You may chose any other filters you like to only include specific individuals then click Ok.
update 03.png
Click Generate Statistics
update 04.png
Scroll to the bottom and click "View all People"
update 05.png
Click the Export button
update 06.png
Prepare your Data Excel Sheet
You can delete column A and the first 7 rows or so. The ID must not be changed. Make changes to anyone's data that is needed than save and send us the file
You can also send us the file by clicking HERE
update 07.png