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Williamstown Council On Aging (Harper Center)



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Bill Henderson

Onboarding 01

Not the Best

Onboarding 02


This was their first session after re-scheduling 3 times. They were 25 minutes late. Brian said he didnt read the info at the link Tina sends so he didnt realize he had to call in. Once he realized the need to call in he was dialing wrong. Instead of dialing the number, waiting for an answer then dialing star he was dialing the number and pressing star before it even rang. I really don't feel like they were truly paying attention during the training either. I could quite clearly hear them doing other things, talking to people and so on. The questions they asked were strange and again made me feel like they were leaving the room or something. Carmel kept trying to push me into training them on event stuff. I tried telling them I really need to train on one thing at a time but she just kept asking questions about other areas of the program. She was extremely disruptive and seemed to want to create a training curriculum of her own. I pushed through but had to skip some stuff because I ran out of time. I honestly think they would have been better off with on-site training.

Need to finish the equipment tab, touchscreen settings and preferences before going into events.