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Bill Henderson





We discussed everything payments related. I went into full detail regarding accounts and how they tie into the various payment related reports. They have a lot to discuss and changes to make to their current setup. One of the biggest issue they have right now is the need to sell multiple tickets for events. I know that we have this in place for OPC right now and they have been using it for a while. I think giving this to Queensbury would make them very happy. Everything is in place to make it work. In fact I can make an event ticketed by making a simple database change but I believe the ability for them to do it is hard coded for OPC. I have asked Chris and Eric if we can get this turned o for Queensbury. Waiting on an answer. If yes I will let them know and teach them how to use via some screen shots in an email. I'll then cover it in more detail in the next session I have with them.


9/17/2020 - Ticketing has been added to the system. They will need training on this subject.