Phone logs is designed to track both incoming and outgoing phone interactions but really it can be used to track any type of interaction like walk-ins for example. Phone logs is a great place for staff members that do not have access to the services outreach section to enter in interaction they have with folks as well as any staff member can access and add phone logs. Phone logs are also reportable in stats. Click the person under the people tab then click Logs. To the right click Add Log. In the pop up window you will see the person’s name automatically then you can indicate To or From (Incoming and Outgoing). Phone number, date and time will default but you can edit them. Next you will make choices from lists again. Choose a CategorySub-Category and Type. You can edit the lists by clicking Manage List at the top of each list. Type out any notes and click Add Log. You will see a history of logs over time. Click on a log to see more details. Click the white to delete a log.