Touchscreen Kiosk Setup Instructions

The Kiosk comes with everything installed that’s needed for MySeniorCenter but there are a few steps you will have to take to get it up and running.

The boxes

  • The equipment needed for the kiosk station will arrive in two boxes. One box will have the All-in-One PC which is the Kiosk itself as well as a keyboard and mouse and all the necessary cables.

  • The other smaller box will have the desktop scanner, the desktop scanner’s USB cable, an Ethernet cable and the webcam. If applicable, this box may also contain your Mobile Scanner(s)

  • If applicable, a third box will arrive with your key tags


*We will of course let you know if your order differs at all

Unpack everything and set up


The Kiosk (which is an All-in-One PC) will need power and internet either through Ethernet cable or WiFi.  Ethernet (hard wired) is always the best choice but a strong WiFi connection will work as well. As this is an All-in-One PC nothing needs to be attached other than the scanner. One end is standard USB. This gets plugged into the Kiosk. The other end looks similar to an Ethernet cable. This end plugs into the scanner. Plug in the mouse and keyboard as well. The USB webcam is not for the Kiosk as the Kiosk already has a camera built in. The webcam is used when taking pictures on another computer. This of course will be covered in training.

Power up

Press the power button. It’s usually located on the right or left side of the screen. Sometimes it’s located on the bottom edge of the screen. The kiosk will start up and after a few moments it will start the setup process automatically.  Have a key card handy as the kiosk will ask you to test the scanner. When it asks you to scan, just scan any card. If you don’t have your cards yet you can scan anything that has a bar code on it like a soda bottle or bag of snacks. Next the kiosk will ask for a code. We will give you this code. If you do not have it yet, call our support line at (866)739-9745. Once you enter the code the kiosk will also ask you to give it a nickname. If you have one station then the center's name is best. If you have more than one you can simply add One, Two, Three, etc. to the end. That should be it but if there are any problems the kiosk will tell you what they are. You should call our support line at (866)739-9745 if any issues arise.

Finish up

At this point you can unplug the keyboard and mouse and put them away somewhere safe. They will only be needed if support asks you to plug them in. The scanner came with a poster size insert with a bunch of barcodes on it. Save this as it could be needed for support in the future. You can shut the kiosk down after hours by simply pressing the power button. Turn it on again by pressing the power button. Everything will start up on its own.