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EOEA Changes Notes
- Copied 2020 EOEA form and added / removed fields per the changes
- Moved over all data from the previous version that was already entered in
- Removed automatic page breaks to help reduce the number of pages printed
Page 1
- Updated calculations on page 1
- Total, Genders, and Races are 60+.
- Nursing/Care Resident, Appropriations, and In-Kind are not automatically generated
- Paid Staff hours comes from people currently set as staff that have volunteer hours
- Volunteers have volunteer hours but aren't currently set as staff
Page 2 and 3
- Kept optional activity fields due to people already having them filled out
Page 4
- In-Kind section now accepts X's or actual numbers

You can type in text in the Page 2 &3 section and put E into the fields. If folks ask why there isn't a column, it's because the new EOEA form doesn't have the estimated column. Ask the state why, centers.
Examples: Old, New, State's form

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