Setup and Enable the Renew Active Report

Here we'll teach you how to set up and enable the Renew Active Report so your center or organization can show UnitedHealthCare (UHC) the names of the people who attended and then get reimbursed based on those names

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Before you begin, If you are unfamiliar with Custom Fields, you can find our tutorial video here. Please note, the custom fields video is the only video with audio. Please be sure to have your speakers on for this video.

Step 1

Now head over to the Custom Fields and create a new Text Box field called "Confirmation Code".

Step 2

Then, click into Settings followed by Preferences and scroll to the bottom to find the setting called "Enable renew Active Export". Check the box for this setting, and then click the "0" to fill in your correct Site Number. Click Save Preferences once everything looks good.

Step 3

Now it's time to choose which activities are eligible. Head over to Events and click the Edit button just under an appropriate event template on the left. Choose Edit Template. Towards the bottom, check the box for Renew Active, then click Update. On the following screen there's no need to update the scheduled events, so select the Go Back button instead.

All Done!

That's it! Make sure everyone has their appropriate Confirmation Codes filled into their Custom Fields area, and that each event template has its Renew Active checkbox checked if you wish for it to work with the report. You can find and generate the report towards the bottom of the Statistics page in the Export area.