Registering and checking in can happen a few different ways. If your center has a touch screen kiosk checkin station there are two potential scenarios. People are either dropping into something that they did not pre-register for or they checking into something they have been pre-registered for. People at the kiosk only see what’s happening today. They do not see tomorrow or yesterday or next week, etc. There is however one exception to the rule. If you set up a congregate meal template you can optionally allow people to see and register up to thirty days in advance. This will be covered a little later. Staff member have the ability to register and check people in for any date and time, past, present and future. When a staff member adds someone to an activity for the present day or any day in the past they are both registering the person and checking them in. Both happen automatically. When a staff member adds a person to an activity for any day in the future, they are saving that person one of the open spots. That person still needs to checkin at the touch screen kiosk sign in station or get scanned with a mobile scanner or be manually checked in to be counted in the statistics. Watch the video below to learn more. This video has audio.

Creating and Scheduling Events