Checkin with a Mobile Scanner

Mobile Scanners can be use to check people into activities for the current day. When using the mobile scanners a staff member or instructor first scans an Event Bar Code to tell the scanner what you are signing people into. Then they start scanning people’s cards. You only need to scan the event bar code once before you start scanning people’s cards. You do not have to scan the event barcode for each person. If you want to switch to a different event then simply scan that event barcode and now when you scan people’s cards you will be signing them into that event. Follow these steps to create an event barcode.

  1. Click on the Settings tab

  2. Click Mobile Scanner

  3. Click Barcode Designer

  4. Click Events

  5. Search for the event you want to create a barcode for

  6. Click on the Event. This will generate the barcode below. You can generate as many barcodes as you like.

  7. Click Print

The video below shows how to scan barcodes. This video has audio. If you need to learn how to set up the scanner click Here.