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Merging Event Templates

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Learn to merge two or more event templates together

If you have two or more events that you would like to merge together you will need to send us a completed Event Merger Sheet. In this sheet you will indicate the following.

This may take a sec.

  1. Column A, The name of each Event Template you would like to merge. (It's important that the name matches what you have in MySeniorCenter exactly so that we do not merge the incorrect events.)
  2. Column B, The name of the one Event Template you would like to merge each Event Template from column A into (If this is the final template to which events will be merged then leave this column empty.)
  3. Column C, Whether or not you want us to update the old event names to match the new final template name.

NOTE: If the templates you are merging together currently have the same exact name its best to rename one of them slightly as not to cause confusion. To rename a template click Edit for the template you want to rename. Next click edit template. Update the name then click Update at the bottom of the page. Now you can just click back to the events tab. Individual days need not be renamed. Just the template.


This may take a sec.

You can merge as many Events as you like into one event. Once events are merged, the final Event Template will remain and the old event template(s) will be removed. All checkins for each individual day of each template will be merged to the final template.

NOTE: This process will not affect payments

Click Here to download the Event Merger Sheet

Once your sheet is ready you can can either send it to or you can sending it via drop box.

Click here to send us your sheet via drop box


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