Congregate Meals Pre-Registration

Learn how to set up the kiosk so participants can pre-register for congregate meals

Consolidate Events

Learn how to keep your event templates from piling up

Creating and Scheduling Events

Learn how to create an event and schedule it

Event Archiving

Learn how to archive old event templates rather than deleting them and losing all the data connected to them

Event Series

Learn how to create a series of events or a session/semester

Events: Registering and checking in

Learn about the various ways to check people into activities and what happens at the kiosk

Healthways (Silver Sneaker), Silver & Fit, Senior Dine

Learn how to set the special exports for the Healthways (Silver Sneaker), Silver & Fit and Senior Dine programs.

Managing the Events Schedule

Learn how to manage the schedule and handle cancellations, closure, holidays, etc.

Merging Event Templates

Learn how we can help you merge multiple event templates


Learn how to add multiple people to an event roster for any given day

Print an Event Roster

Learn how to print an event roster with names and phone numbers

Printing Calendars and Weekly Notes

Learn how to print out our calendars and the weekly event notes

Sorting Events

Learn how to sort the events list on the touch screen kiosk checkin station

The Signins List

Learn how to see who has signed into the touchscreen kiosk checkin station