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This call was to discuss what will be covered in their upcoming training. Dave wants a full explanation of MSC's accounting ability. Basically, the accounting questions relate to how to capture details in the Cash Receipts Journal (MSC) so we'll know who paid, what method and how much, and for what activity(ies). In addition we need to understand how to reconcile the daily cash receipts recorded in MSC to the bank deposit and to obtain the level of detail to support the cash receipts posting to the General Ledger (QuickBooks). Finally, certain activities create a situation where members owe money for an activity. The details of that amount of owed money is recorded in an Accounts Receivable Ledger, which MSC may be able to support. Ideally, implementing these suggestions will enable QSC to match revenue (for activities, trips, and other programs) at the level of detail with a comparable level of detail for expenses in QuickBooks. This will provide profit/loss information as well as provide the ability to report on a modified accrual basis to help inform management decisions.