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MyTutorialCenter A place to learn about MySeniorCenter

To get started you can either choose one of the categories across the top or simply use the search. If you are new to MySeniorCenter and need a more complete training the options below may be right for you.

Complete Walkthrough Training

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 These are walkthroughs of all trainings any new center may need depending on the services it provides. Any new staff should be able to follow along with this tool and go through each step to get a great foundation for getting started.

Quick Start Training over Zoom

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This is a one hour session for new staff or anyone that needs a quick overview to get started. This session will cover the following.


  • Searching for and updating a person's file

  • Adding new people

  • assigning cards


  • An Overview of Groups

  • Broadcasts From Groups


  • Create and schedule events

  • Edit Events

  • Register for events

  • Print Rosters

  • Explain the kiosk


  • Create a trip

  • Sign people up

  • Print a roster

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